Homework is given at the beginning of the week for the entire week in 
order to help students get organized.  The expectation is that students 
write down all of the assignments in their assignment pad at the start of 
the week.  

The homework for this week is listed below. 

1.  Review grammar notes on commas (Last rule = TEST NEXT WEEK)

2.  Complete flashcards on vocabulary words 31-35

3.  Work on writing (Question and Creative piece)


1.  Review notes on commas 

2.   Vocab quiz next Friday - STUDY

3.  Writing (question and creative piece)

1.  Writing (question and creative piece) 
2.  Study for vocab quiz next Friday


1. Writing (Question and creative piece) 
2. study for vocabulary quiz next Friday


1. Vocabulary Quiz next Friday
2. Writing (Question and Creative piece) *Only the question is due today

3.  Make up any work you have missed.



*******I am available before and after school for extra help!

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