Students are expected to finish their Arithmetic mission by Christmas break.  They should be at 100% progress at this time. 

Anyone who does not meet expectations will be expected to complete over Christmas break.  

Posted Wednesday 11/08/17 8:13 AM
After school Math Help
After School Math Club start October 10th.  The time is 2:45 to 3:45.  All students are welcome.  
Posted Friday 10/27/17 8:03 AM
Khan Expectations

Khan Academy: Students should log onto Khan for at least 60 minutes per week.  Their homework grade is based on time.  For example: 30 minutes would earn a grade of 50% and 60 minutes or above earns a 100% grade.   Once students complete assignments in order of due dates.  Once assignments are complete students will continue their mission to complete mastery challenges and earn percentage points.  All students are expected to earn as close to 100% progress in both Arithmetic and 6th grade by years end.   



Posted Friday 10/27/17 12:00 AM
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