APES, Periods 2 & 6

How to register for your eBook:

Go to http://ebooks.bfwpub.com/friedlandapes.php and click on REGISTER.

Use the activation code you were given to begin, and then fill out the rest of the information. Please create a username that tells me who you are--we will be using the online quiz component eventually.

Once you've registered, you can access your eBook at this site:


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Useful Links and Videos:

Refer to the Exam Review folder in the Resources section if you're looking for study tools for the APES Exam on May 5. You should also join the National APES Review Facebook page (asap). If you have questions over the weekend while you're studying, teachers will be available to answer your questions.

Also, don't forget to use the 1998 Released APES Exam from the College Board as a study tool!!

Visit the APES wikipage for powerpoints
NOAA video on ocean acidification
A shorter, more visual video from NOAA on ocean acidification

Posted Tuesday 05/15/12 12:00 AM
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