Ms. Kristie

Room 22

Hi there! Wow, time flies when you're having fun!!

Getting to know me professionally...

This is my 12th year at OHS, and my 11th year teaching 4th grade! (one year in 3rd early on).

When I really think about it, I realize that I've spent quite a bit of time at Orchard Hills over the years... Going back to when I was 6 and just a little 1st grader, and up through 6th grade, OHS was my elementary school!

Flash forward to when I was working on my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Southern CT State University, I was doing fieldwork in 4th at OHS. I even student-taught at OHS in 3rd grade just before graduating from the University of Bridgeport with a Master of Science in Elementary Education. Filling in the gaps, I was a student at East Shore for 7th and 8th grade, and then went on to Foran High School.

4th grade is an amazing learning year for children! They grow in so many ways from beginning to end of year - from academics and work habits, to social and emotional, and even physical growth - it's just awesome to be a part of process and witness the progress.

Getting to know me personally...

CANNOT live without...

Diet Coke, Chocolate (dark & milk), lip gloss, Sugar Free Red Bull, burgers, jeans, football, Sunday family dinners, my family, my friends, sarcasm, laughter! 


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