Fundations homework will begin in October, after Open House. Fundations in first Grade is continued from Kindergarten. It is a phonics program.  Sound-symbol relationships such as vowels, blends and dipthongs will be worked on. Spelling strategies are also addressed throughout this program. Each week your child will have short activities to complete. I suggessted you keep a binder/folder with all the fundatuions materials in it.


Weekly Investigations homework will be sent home beginning in October, after Open house. Investigations is the district math program. Each day your child will have to complete a short math activity. The activities will be games, practice pages and computer based programs. These activities are researched based, support fact fluency and immerse students in conceptual knowledge.


Weekly, leveled, reading books will be sent home with your child beginning in October, after Open House. The books will be in a red folder. These texts are to be read daily by your child to improve fluency and comprehension. These books are tailored to your child's independent reading level. A Reading Log will accompany the books and needs to be signed off by an adult in the home. Please return the (red) Reading Folder to school every Monday and new books will be placed in the folder for the new week.


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