The OAS Art Room, Where Students are the Artists.


The OAS art room is a student centered learning environment, organized into studio centers of varying size and complexity. Through an ongoing series of lessons and demonstrations, students are taught how each center is organized, learn techniques and strategies for using the materials and are shown how to properly clean and care for the supplies. They can find visual aids to help them in their work, as well as examples of what other artists have created, past and present. What they are not taught is what their artwork is “supposed” to look like. In our art room each artist is able to decide for his or her self what to create. Each student works at his or her own pace. Some will create multiple works of art over the course of one 45-minute class period, using several of our studio centers. Others will spend several weeks or longer working on one piece. Some students like to work quietly by themselves; others prefer to work collaboratively in groups of two or three, bouncing ideas back and forth off each other. Students are allowed to try things that might not work. They are allowed to make mistakes, and to turn those mistakes into new ideas and ways of working. Students who become "experts" with a material or technique are encouraged to teach each others what they have learned. I learn from my students everyday; they constantly surprise me with how amazingly creative and expressive they are. Students are allowed to go beyond what they think they are capable of.  In short, students are taught to behave like artists.






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