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Welcome to 5's class website

Welcome to First Grade! My name is April Agvent. If you have any
questions or concerns please feel free to contact me by writing me a note or
calling the office at 203-783-3566. You may also e-mail me at

Every morning we will have snack. The children may bring a snack. Please do not pack any peanuts or peanut products for
**On delayed opening days we will still have snack.

As you have heard Preschool –Grade 5 schools have become “no food” schools
this year. That means there are no longer classroom food parties/ birthday
cupcakes. This is due to the complicated food allergies that exist in schools
and the importance of healthy eating and fitness. Birthdays may be recognized
without food.
A note concerning birthday invitations: If your child is inviting
the entire class, no exceptions# invitations may be put in the children’s
mailboxes to go home. However, if only certain children are being invited
then it is school policy to have the invitations mailed from home. We want
to avoid hurting anyone’s feeling. The best way to insure the invitations
do actually get home is to mail them.

Take Home Folder
A folder has been provided by the Orchard Hills PTA. Your child
will use this folder to bring home any classroom notices, newsletters and
student work. Please check the folder each night, and return it to school
every day. Please put papers, as well as any notes for the teacher, lunch
money, etc in this folder when you return it to school the next day. If the
folder gets lost or torn you may replace it with any other folder.

Daily attendance records are kept at school. Please call the office
before school begins if your child will not be in 203-783-3566. When your child returns
to school a note must be provided. The note should explain the reason for
the absence and include the following information: 1) date of absence, 2)
full na#e of child, 3) specific reason for absence. If a parent knows in
advance that a child will be absent, a written note should be presented
prior to the absence. In all circumstances, a written note must be submitted
even if the absence has been explained by phone call.

Make up work
When your child is absent and work is sent home for him/her to complete
it needs to be returned to school promptly.

If your child is going home in a different manner than usual there
needs to be note stating that. For example if your child takes a bus home
and will be a walker one day I need a note or I cannot send them out as a
walker. This is for your child's safety.

Lunch Money
All elementary students will be using a bar-coded card when purchasing
lunch# The card works like a debit card. You put money in and your child
may use that money. This method allows the school to accept payments to
purchase meals and lunch milk in advance# It would be helpful to the kitchen
staff if you are able to make a lump sum payment, example $10.00, but you
may still pay daily. If you send lunch money to school, please send it in a marked envelope with your child's first and last name on it.

Early Dismissals
Early dismissal is 1:35pm# The children will eat lunch before they
leave. Hot lunch is available on early dismissal days.

Delayed openings
When we have a delayed opening school begins at 10:15am. We will still
have snack.

Your child will receive homework on Mondays that needs to be returned on Wednesday. They will also receive homework on Wednesdays that need to be returned on Fridays. Homework is at your child's level.
Toys from Home 
Bringing toys from home is discouraged for many reasons# Toys may
become lost or broken and they can cause unnecessary interruptions in our
day. Please remind your child to leave their toys at home.


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