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Nothing Notebooks Need to be Done:  Please encourage your child to write about their day in their Nothing Notebook.  I do not read these notebooks, so I do not know to what extent they are writing.  They should be writing more than just one sentence, please inquire why it is not being done if this is the case.  If they should happen to tell you they do not have time this is simply not true, this procedure is the way we dismiss from class each day.  They write in their Nothing Notebook while waiting to be called to pack up, or pack up and then write.  Many students unfortunately are choosing to not follow directions, and do as they wish.  Each entry should be in letter format, with a date, heading or greeting, body (more than one sentence), closing and signature.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.  :o)


Reading for Fun (Independent Reading):  The amount of meaningful silent reading being done at our independent reading time is phenomenal.  Each child has been given their current independent level.  To ensure continued growth in reading your child needs to be reading at their independent level.  Remind your child to carry over that wonderful thinking to their 20 minutes of reading homework each night.  :o) 


Fall Conferences:  Please remember to go on the JFK website homepage to sign up for a conference time with me.  I especially am anxious to meet and discuss your child's progress with those of you I didn't have the pleasure of meeting on Open House night.  I feel it is extremely important for your child to know that we are partners in their education.  We both have the same goal for your child, which is to help support them be the best that they can be.  I look forward to seeing you all. :o)


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