Frequently Asked Questions


How do you celebrate Birthdays?

We keep it simple, but we do like to celebrate our special day! 
All Milford Schools, including Mathewson, do NOT share food.

Some ideas for a non-food treat can be: stickers, pencils,
a book for the class, etc... Remember, we have 21 children
Be creative, but keep it simple, so you also enjoy the celebration.
It should not cause anyone(parent or child or teacher)worry, or
too much expense. You should not feel obligated to send anything
in. We will sing to the birthday child in a special way. I will
give each child something to recognize their birthday!

We will be going on vacation. Can you send work home for my child?

The simple answer is, "No". Family vacations are not an "excused"
absence and teachers are required to send work only for "excused"
absences such as illness or injury. Family vacations during
school days are a choice and are considered "unexcused"
absences. I do believe there is much to learn in our World, but
be aware that your child will miss part of their school
experience. You should have recieved a calendar which includes
school vacations. Please plan your vacations accordingly.

If you do take your child out of school for a vacation, I suggest
bringing books to have them continue with their daily reading.
Buy a simple notebook or staple pages together to be a vacation
journal. Have your child illustrate and write one page each
day. Your child can share his/her journal when they
return to school. Add ticket stubs and photographs and it will
make a marvelous keepsake!

What is a good snack?

One snack and one drink is more than enough for a snack time. 
Make healthy choices, like water or 100% fruit juice. Provide
cut up fruits, vegetables, crackers, cheese sticks. Be sure your
child can operate their snack bag, lunch bag, drinks, and snacks.

How do I contact a teacher?

1. Write me a note.
2. Call the Mathewson School Office: Mrs. Gonski @ (203)783-3527.
3. E-mail me: or
If needed: a conference can be scheduled through the above means
to meet with me in person.

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