Mission For The Class

"If a child cannot learn in the way that we teach, we must teach in the way
that the child can learn."  -Marie Clay
First grade is a year of tremendous growth!  Throughout the year, I will be
there for each child through the milestones of first grade.  My
classroom is a safe and welcoming environment, where each child is
encouraged to try his or her best to grow as a first grader.  Each child is
capable of learning in their own way, and will succeed in Room 30.  I will
give the children as much as I can through the course of the year to help
them become aspiring and independent individuals.  I expect students to
enter the classroom willing to give 110% each and every day. My goal is to
encourage the children in my classroom show their full potential, along with
all that fun we have every day!
I became a teacher because it is a passion of mine and truthfully, I
absolutely love coming to work each day!  I am willing to do whatever it
takes for the children in my classroom to feel respected and special,
because they are!!
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