Educational games. The tangram game is excellent, and it connects to our

math study of shapes and our social studies project on China and Chinese

New Year.


This is the site we use to find out how to write our names phonetically in

Chinese characters.


 This will take you to an index for many interesting articles on Chinese



The Baseball Hall of Fame


Black Baseball- All about the Negro Leagues

Read all about the players we studied about:   Cool papa Bell, Josh Gibson,

Satchel Paige, and of course, our favorite, Jackie Robinson. Jackie was so

much more than a ball player. He was a great American and a leader in the

Civil Rights Movement!


All American Girls Professional Baseball League

The Official Site! Learn about these fantastic female athletes and their

importance in history.


Lou Gehrig- The Iron Horse


Read and listen to a National Public Radio address regarding the Negro

Leagues. Learn how only 18 Negro League players ever made it to the Hall of

Fame and whether 30 nominated Negro League players will be inducted.


Play Baseball Math  Fun and great practice, too!


Trees! Interactive and informative. You'll have fun learning about trees

when you visit this site.


The National Arbor Day Foundation. Learn how to be a friend to trees!


All About Trees. Let the talking acorn teach you about trees!


Use this site to identify an unknown tree.


Butterflies!!! Links to everything you always wanted to know about



interactive butterfly games


S.K. Worm, official annelid of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural

Resources Ask the Answer Worm!

The Conservation Service answers your questions about soil and other natural



Make your own book using this cool site!


Math facts practice, games


Math facts practice, games


Book reviews, Author bios, reading games and more.   Recommended by S.H. -

She really likes the word scramble games!


All kinds of math games .


Math fact games and practice as well as problem solving worksheets and logic

games. Interactive- fun!


The link below is an interactive math dictionary that allows students to

look up math terms and view corresponding interactive examples.


Travel interactively on the Underground Railroad


Read the true story of Captain Jonathan Walker, who helped slaves escape and

was branded as punishment for doing so. The initials S.S., were branded on

his hand. The SS was supposed to mean "Slave Stealer", but to the

slaves that he set free it meant "Slave Savior".


Johnny Math- games, fun


Money, money, money money!


more money games


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