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Hello and welcome to D5.  As an educator, I am prepared to teach my students all components of the third grade curriculum.  I will provide students with the guidance and support they need to become successful members of our school community and beyond.  My goal is to provide a safe environment designed to produce prepared academic achievers.  Through hands on activities, I support my students learning by doing, celebrating our success, and identifying areas where change can be made in order to achieve the desired output. 

Throughout the year all members of D5 will work hard to create a strong learning community.   A community where students and adults feel comfortable with sharing their ideas and open to accepting suggestions from others.  

I believe that education is the most valuable asset an individual can possess and do my best every day to model and embrace that passion.

Below please find a list of my classroom guidelines:

Behavior:  I hold high expectations in the area of behavior.  Third grade is a huge step for students.  It is a time for students to exhibit maturity.  Students are expected to demonstrate their best behavior during school hours.  Students should show respect and care towards fellow classmates, teachers and administration. 

Homework:  Homework is intented to be a review of the days lessons.  Homework is never intended to cause frustration, therefore, please contact me immediately if your child struggles with any homework assignment.  Please take a few moments each evening to review your child's work to provide support and encouragement. 

Assignment Pads:  Please be sure to review your child's daily assignments and initial or sign each day's assignments.

Volunteer: There will be numerous occassions throughtout the year.  Please send me an email if you are interested in a particular acitivity.

Guest Readers:  In an effort to strengthen our home/school relationship and share our love for reading, I am happy to welcome any parent into the classroom as a special Guest Reader.  If you are interested please contact me via email so we can schedule a date and time.

Absenses:  If your child is absent, please send in a note explaining the absence the day your child returns to school. 

New start time:  Please note that OAS has a new start time which is 8:40 am.  Our new dismissal time is 3:25 pm.

Dismissal:  Please send in a note if your child will be leaving early, or, if there is any change to normal dismissal procedures.

Delayed Openings:  Please note this year Milford has adopted a 2 hour delayed opening schedule, therefore, on theses days school will begin at 10:40 am.  Also, due to the delay there is no Snack time if school opening is delayed.

Early Dismissal:  1:25 pm is dismissal time.  Please check the District Calendar for scheduled early dismissal days throughout the year. 

Lunch Money:  If you are sending in payment towards your child's lunch account please be sure to send the payment in a sealed envelope with your child's first and last name clearly printed.



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