The workshop model is how our class will run on most days.

This is what it should like for reading and writing

Students sit for shared reading/writing on a strategy we all learn together. Then they have 20-30 minutes or so to practice that skill in their own independent reading book. If it's writing, students will have about 50 minutes to work on their current writing piece, or in thieir writer's notenook. During this time I conference with each child individually. I try to see 3 to 4 a day. This way I can work with each child on their own reading/writing strengths and opporutinites for growth and coach them on what they need. Then it's not one size fits all!

We then come back to share as a class so a few students can tell what they did today that helped them as a reader or a writer.

For the remaining time of our class students will work in book clubs, literature circles, book parnterships, or whole group working on talking about books and using all their strategies to make them the best readers, writers, and thinkers they can be. 

My goal is to teach students to be lifelong readers and writers! 





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