CUS-F001     Room Cleaning Checklist

CUS-F002     Lavatory Inspection

CUS-F003     Classroom Inspection Checklist

CUS-F004     Corridor, Stairwell & Vestibule Checklist

CUS-F006     Kitchen Inspection Checklist

CUS-F007     Multi-Purpose Room Inspection Checklist

CUS-P001     Summer Clean Up Procedure

CUS-P002     Custodial Supervisor Inspection of Site Procedure

CUS-P003     Custodial Vacation Duties Procedure

CUS-P004     Groundskeeping for Middle and Elementary Schools

CUS-W001     Summer Clean Up Work Instruction

MTC-F001     Indoor Air Quality Complaint and Site Inspection Form

MTC-F004     Application For Use of Public School Building

MTC-F005     Custodial Supplies

MTC-F006     Custodial Survey

MTC-F007     Maintenance Survey

MTC-F008     Backflow Prevention Device Inspection and Maintenance Report Form

MTC-F009     Coaches/Advisors Using School Facilities Outside Normal Hours

MTC-F010     Coaches/Advisors Sign-In Log

MTC-P001     Maintenance Work Order

MTC-P002     Indoor Air Quality Complaint Process

MTC-P003     Maintenance Inventory Disposal

MTC-P005     Custodial Ordering and Delivery

MTC-P006     Mail Handling

MTC-P007     Calibration Backflow Tester

MTC-P008     Use of Public Buildings, Grounds and Equipment

MTC-P009     Use of Facilities by Coaches and Advisors

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