Human Resources

PER-F001     Personnel Alert Request

PER-F002     Coaching Interview Format

PER-F003     Employee Application for Internally Posted Position

PER-F004     Payroll Action Request

PER-F005     Degree Change Acknowledgement Letter

PER-F008     Exit Interview Survey

PER-F009     Degree Change Letter – Late

PER-F010     Student Teacher Request

PER-F011     Student Teacher Preliminary Placement

PER-F012     Student Teacher Placement Confirmation

PER-F015     Board Appointment Letter

PER-F018     Application for Employment

PER-F019     Drug/Alcohol-Free Workplace Acknowledgement Form

PER-F020     Electronic Mail Usage

PER-F021     Sexual Harassment Policy

PER-F023     Paraprofessional Evaluation

PER-F024     Secretarial Evaluation and Other Non-Certified Staff

PER-F025     Custodial Evaluation

PER-F026     Probationary Period Evaluation Memo

PER-F028     School Nurse Evaluation

PER-F029     Memo to Administrators re: Evaluation of Secretaries

PER-F030     Memo to Principals re: Evaluation

PER-F031     Substitute Teacher Profile Data Sheet

PER-F035     Request for Substitute

PER-F036     Monthly Record of Intern Usage

PER-F038     Memo to Employee re: Deadline for Fingerprints/TB Test

PER-F039     Memo to State of CT re: Fingerprinting

PER-F040     Reminder Fingerprint Memo

PER-F041     Reminder Letter to Substitutes re: Fingerprinting/TB Test

PER-F043     Letter to Coaches Regarding Paperwork Due

PER-F046     Memo Paperwork 1st Notice to Teacher

PER-F047     Paperwork Follow-up for Teachers – 2nd Notice

PER-F048     Paperwork Follow-up for Teachers – 3rd Notice

PER-F049     Letter to Volunteer Coaches

PER-F052     Para Educator Data Sheet

PER-F053     Sick Leave Bank

PER-F054     Web 2.0 Contract

PER-F055     Employee ID Badge Procedure Acknowledgement

PER-F056      Employee ID Badge Request

PER-F057      Staff Emergency Information Sheet

PER-F058      Substitute Secretary Profile Data Sheet

PER-F059      Substitute Para Educator Profile Data Sheet

PER-F060      Itinerant Teacher Schedule

PER-P001     Substitute Teacher Application and Hiring Process

PER-P003     Retiree Recognition Letter Procedure

PER-P004     Recruitment

PER-P005     Varsity Head Coach Recruitment and Hiring Procedure

PER-P006     Degree Change Procedure

PER-P007     Payroll Action Notification (PAN)

PER-P008     Exit Interview Survey Procedure

PER-P009     Grievance Procedure

PER-P010     Non-Renewal of Non-Tenured Teacher Contracts

PER-P012     Employee Identification Badge

PER-W001    Job Posting Work Instruction

PER-W002    Annual Administrators’ Salary Agreements

PER-W003    Annual Evaluation of Paraprofessionals, Secretaries, Nurses

PER-W004    Annual Teachers’ Salary Agreements

PER-W005    Strategic School Profile

PER-W006    New Teacher Employment Verification

PER-W007    Student Teacher Placement

PER-W008    Intern Placement

PER-W010    Monthly Personnel Activity Reporting to the BOE

PER-W012    New Hire

PER-W017    Processing of Unemployment Claims

PER-W018    Probationary Period Evals for Paras/Secy’s/Lib. Media Aides/Custodians

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