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2017-18 Budget Info
Posted 01/09/2017 07:23PM

The budget season is upon us -- and over the next several months we will have many pieces of information to share with all of you. We have titled this link '2017-18 Budget Info' and you can be assured as new information is released, it will be uploaded here. Feel free to check back often.

A pamphlet that explains the budget process in Milford, including future meeting dates and contact info.

The Executive Summary is comprised of the first 23 pages of the larger budget document. All of the line item figures are contained within this summary, as well as charts and a Letter of Introduction from Dr. Elizabeth Feser.

This document is the full 105-page Budget Document and Detail. It includes the Executive Summary (see above) and the following budget detail pages.

2017-18 Budget Questions and Answers

The presentation delivered to the Board of Education on Jan. 9, 2017.

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