Middle School

We are currently in the process of revising our curriculum to meet both state and national standards.  Through our revision process, it is our intent to increase the rigor of our curriculum while embedding engaging tasks which ask students to apply content knowledge and skills in authentic learning situations.  Please contact your child’s teacher with any specific curriculum related questions.  Thank you for your patience as we continue our work.

Grade 6  Middle School Phys Ed
Grade 7 
Grade 8 
 Grade 6Grade 6
 Grade 7Grade 7
 Grade 8Grade 8
  Grade 6  Grade 6
  Grade 7  Grade 7
  Grade 8  Grade 8
Grade 6Spanish 1
Grade 7 Spanish 1B
Grade 8 - Pre-Algebra 
Grade 8 - Algebra 
  Grade 6 - Chorus  
 Grade 6 - Instrumental 
Grade 7 - Chorus   
Grade 8 - Chorus   
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