Social Studies

Grade-Specific Social Studies Collections

Milford Walking Tour

The Milford Walking Tour for our Grade 3 students has long-been a favorite among students, staff and families, alike!  Please click on the Grade 3 'leaf' to link to a special website created as a preview of this trip.

World Continent Web Games

Try your hand at four different levels of skill.  Drag and drop puzzles, name the continent, and many more.  Lots of fun while brushing up your geography skills.

Test Your Geography Knowledge

This website offers many quizzes for students to test their geography knowledge.  U.S. states, countries, continents and more.

Learn the Capitals

Matching, concentration, word search and flashcards -- use these tools to learn the capital cities of all U.S. states.

National Geographic Map Machine

Use this feature to generate maps of countries, states, cities and more!  Lots of other features on this site that will interest students of all ages.

The Constitution of the United States

Need a quick reference of the Articles and the Amendments?  This website provides the entire content of the most important document of our time.

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