Physical Education Program

East Shore Middle School

Mr. Conrad   



Starting this year at East Shore students are being frequently reminded to remain accountable,

responsible, and safe at all times.

Accountable for their own actions in the gym, on the field, and in the fitness room

Respectful to fellow students in their class as well as their teacher

Safe at all times by keeping hands and feet to themselves, using the equipment the way it was intended, and following the safety rules clearly stated at the beginning of each lesson


The following information is provided so that both students and parents may become better acquainted with the Physical Education Program, how it is run, and what is expected of each student


ACTIVITIES     Fall                                      Winter                              Spring

                      Football                          Basketball                      Team Handball

                      Fitness Testing                 Floor Hockey                  Track and Field

                      Soccer                            Volleyball                       Golf, Bocce, Frisbee          

                      Pickleball                         Badminton                     Softball/Baseball



         -Students should place all of their belongings on the shelf outside of the gym or fitness room.

         -Anyone that needs to change into sneakers may do so.

-Once given permission by the teacher, students may use 4 basketballs, in the proper manner, until the class is ready to begin.

-When instructed the student should place all 4 basketballs back into the closet (in the milk crates) and sit in their rows for attendance and instruction.

 -At the end of class, students should take their belongings from the shelves, and line up near the water fountain (outside the cafeteria).

 -When the bell rings, students may proceed to their next class.





-50% of your trimester grade will be based on SKILLS (how well you perform the activity -did you improve your skills by practicing?)

-25% of your trimester grade will be based on EFFORT/PARTICIPATION (how hard you try during class time is extremely important).

-25% of your trimester grade will be based on TESTS/QUIZZES (you will be tested on the rules of the game, court dimensions, scoring, and proper technique.)

*Not all units include a test/quiz- Grading for those units will be 50% skills, 50% effort*



-Students MUST have a written note from a parent or nurse

-Students MUST have a doctor’s note for long term excuses (over 1 week) In these cases   student’s must have a not stating when they are clear to participate again



                -Report ALL injuries (minor or major) to your P.E teacher

                -DO NOT leave valuables (money, jewelry, etc.) on the shelves

                -Stay off stage at all times unless instructed to sit there

                -Must ASK permission to use the lavatory or get a drink of water

      -DO NOT enter the storage room unless instructed to do so

      -The following behaviors will not be tolerated:


-DISRESPECT (to teachers or classmates)




          -Any of the above violations can result in:

- “0” for the day

-Suspension from P.E. class (Determined by teacher)

-Suspension from school (Determined by principal)







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