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Practice at home

Hello Room 10 Families,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on what you can be practicing at home. As you know, your children are expected to read for homework each night. You should always encourage them to talk to you about their book or write about it in a notebook. You also can have them free write about a topic of their choice. For math, our class is very excited to be learning about multiplication and division. You can continue practicing the addition and subtraction facts to keep those fresh, but they now can also practice multiplication. Right now they are learning this with skip counting or repeated addition. Lastly, they should continue their typing pal practice until they finish and if they are interested they can continue coding at home which they learned in media. Thank you so much for your support at home!

Posted by Caitlyn M Siconolfi on Tuesday January, 6, 2015

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