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A few reminders for home

Hello Room 10,

I hope you all are enjoying your day off for Election Day! I just wanted to post a blog for a few reminders at home. For homework each night, there is an expectation that you read 20 minutes and log this in your planner. Please remember that you should use this information to fill out your Reading at home COWnts monthly graph. You also should be practicing your addition and subtraction facts at home as much as you can each week. A great way to do this is go on to fastt math. You can find this link on the Calf Pen website under academics. Your username and password are your lunch number. This or any other math practice you do at home should be recorded in your planner and then used to fill out your Math at home COWnts monthly graph. It is also an expectation for you to practice your typing each night. Use the directions that were put in your planner. Parents, please don't forget to sign those planners each night and check take home folders so that you are aware of what's going on at CPM and in room 10. Please email me if you have any questions! Thank you for your support at home!

Miss Cianciolo 

Posted by Caitlyn M Siconolfi on Tuesday November, 4, 2014

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