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Climate Graphs and Maps

The options for the climate graph and map locations for 4-7 are:

Tundra in Yakutsk, Russia

Shrubland in Middleburg, South Africa

Coniferous Forest in Beaverlodge, Alberta, Canada

Temperate Deciduous Forest in Stanton, Virginia, USA

Posted Tuesday 05/17/16 2:31 PM
Web address for the Garbage Patch Livebinder

Students are working hard on their projects!  I am very excited to see the final "newscast" when all the presentations are linked together.:)

Copy and paste the following into the browser:  www.livebinders.com/play/play?present=true&id=1669442

You can also access the livebinder by going to the Harborside Media Center website and looking for the Garbage Patch under sixth grade projects.:)

Posted Monday 04/11/16 12:00 AM
Hogwarts Hufflepuffs totally rocked their Socratic Seminar!  Great job, everybody!!
Posted Thursday 04/07/16 2:34 PM
Great Climate Change Websites!:)




Posted Thursday 03/24/16 9:16 AM
Welcome to Sixth Grade Science!:)

I love science, and I hope that you will, too.:) We have a lot of great scientific adventures ahead of us and a lot of great projects to do.

Here are a couple of useful tidbits to help you get started:

The website for the textbooks is my.hrw.com. You will be getting a password when we begin Chemistry. This will allow you to access any of the textbooks from home.  

My email is nlehman@milforded.org.  Please feel free to email me with questions or comments.  If your printer is not working, you can email me your homework or share it with me in google docs!  

Also, thank you for all the closed-toed shoes that you all have been wearing to my class!  This is important for anytime we do a lab.  If you want to wear sandals, make sure that you have close-toed shoes (like sneakers) in your locker, just in case. Thanks!:)

As with anything, you will get out of science what you put into it.  Have a great year!:)


Posted Thursday 09/10/15 2:11 PM
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