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September 9th Update

Hello Everyone. Welcome to our first edition of the Classroom 14 Newsletter. This newsletter is being provided to you in an effort to keep you up to date as to all of the happenings in room 14. Please take the time to read it over and should you have any questions please let me know. I will start with some academic news and then move onto some important reminders. 

Math: We will continue to work with place value of numbers. Students can expect a test on this concept this Wednesday. After this we will move onto logical reasoning. Students should be practicing their mulitiplication facts for at least 10 minutes each night. Flash cards are the best way to do this. 

Spelling: We will move onto the unit two words this week. The class will do a pre-test on Monday. Students should focus first on the words that they are having difficulty with and then move onto the ones that they are more comfortable with. There will be a test on the unit two words this Friday.

Reading: We will continue with our whole class reading of the book entitiled, Mr. Popper's Penguins. We are modeling comprehension strategies as well as the use of context clues to decifer the meanings of unfamiliar words. Reading groups will start in a few weeks. Students should be reading from their independent reading books each night for the required time. They are to accurately fill out their Book It form (reading log) and to obtain a parent signature each night as part of their homework. 

Writing: The students have written four entries thus far in their writing journals. Many of them have read them to the class and they have been quite impressive. We will launch our formal writing program this week. I will be giving the class the rubric that we designed together for the writing journals. This is the rubric that I will use to grade each of their entries. 

Social Studies: We will begin our social studies program this week.

Science: Science will not start until midway through the first trimester.

Behavior/Work Skills chart: On Monday I will review this chart with the students. They will take home a copy of the chart on Monday so that you can review the target areas for behavior and work skills. Students will be evaluated on each item throughout the week. They will take home the graded chart each week in their red folders. The goal is to graduate from the chart by obtaining an excellent rating in each of the catagories.

Red Folders: Students will take home the red folders with all corrected work up to this point by Tuesday of this week. Please make sure that you review the work with your student, keep the returned work and return the red folder to school with your signature on the required line. I will be imputing grades into powerschool as soon as the system is updated. We have had some technical difficulties as a district with the powerschool system. I will let you know when grades are posted.

Conference Sign-Ups: I will be in contact with those that were not able to make it to open house and did not sign up for a conference time as of yet. I need to have a conference time for both the October and April sessions. 

I know that many of the students are participating in extracurricular activites this fall season and I think this is terrific. However, please continue to emphasize with them the importance of their school work being their number one priority.

I will be in touch again shortly. Have a great rest of the weekend.


Marc LaPierre