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Flag Football                                                                                                                    Milford Public Schools

Physical Education/Grades 6-8/MS Physical Education                    Graphic Organizer for Learning Units

3-4 Weeks                                                                                                                      Understanding by Design


Goals of Learning


State or National Standard(s):


HE8.M.9- Motor Skill Performance- Students will demonstrate competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.


HE8.M.10- Applying Concepts and Strategies- Students will demonstrate understanding of movement concepts, principles and strategies as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.


HE8.M.13- Responsible Behavior- Students will exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.


HE8.M.14: Benefits of Physical Activity- Students will choose physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and /or social interaction to sustain a physically active lifestyle.




Enduring Understanding(s):


Regular physical activity, with rigorous effort, promotes a healthy lifestyle. (DEU, CEU)


Awareness of one’s body and its movement affects one’s overall performance. (DEU, CEU)


Successful individuals constantly monitor and adjust their plan to insure that students are appropriately challenged. (DEU, CEU)


A constantly active lifestyle has a direct relationship on physical and mental health. (DEU, CEU)


Creating and implementing team strategies promotes successful and safe game play. (UEU,CEU)


Essential Question(s):


What am I getting from doing this? (DEQ, CEQ)


How do I get better or improve my performance? (DEQ, CEQ)


Is what I am doing challenging for my ability level? (UEQ , CEQ)


How do I prevent a dangerous and hurtful situation? (CEQ)

Content and Skills



Students will know…


  • how to maneuver around others while continuing to be aware of personal space and maintaining a safe environment.


  • the importance and benefits of physical activity towards lifelong wellness.


  • the importance of understanding the rules and regulations to contribute to a safe and successful game.


Students will be able to…


  • exhibit proper technique when throwing and catching the football.


  • display an understanding of the rules of the game while engaged in game play.


  • maintain a safe playing environment.


Critical Vocabulary: Line of Scrimmage, Offense, Defense, Downs (1st Down, 2nd Down, 3rd Down, 4th Down), Quarterback, Receiver, Blitz, Handoff, Interception.


Evidence of Learning


Performance Tasks:


Students will participate in skill building activities within the flag football unit. Students will improve their throwing and catching skills through daily practice. In addition to the above skills game strategies will be implemented to ensure success in both drills and game play.


Using the individual performance skills assessment rubric, students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate the proper skills needed to perform in a game situation. Through game play, students will apply the skills and strategies necessary to participate in a game of flag football.



Other Forms of Assessments:

Teacher observations will monitor skill development and instant feedback will be provided.


Students will demonstrate the proper skills and understanding of the game of flag football by participating in a modified game, differentiated by skill level.


Summative structured response will be administered as a closure piece for the unit.


Planning for Learning


Learning Activities:



Connection to Stage 1


Lifetime Fitness Connection

Teacher will create an atmosphere where students enjoy playing these activities and as a result they choose to play both now and in the future in their own community.

This connects the activity to other opportunities outside of school to play.


Basic Skills: Catching, Throwing, Field Positioning

Teaching students proper form for throwing and catching through individual skill development with a partner.

This activity focuses on the basic fundamentals needed to participate in the game of Flag Football.

Sport skill books and online resources.

Basic Skills: Teamwork and sportsmanship


Throughout the flag football unit teamwork and sportsmanship concepts will continually be reinforced.

These concepts are vital to the learning and team aspect of the game of Flag Football.

State PE standards, sport skill books, and online resources.

Basic Skills: Game Concepts

  • Coast to Coast


Students will learn rules pertaining to game play and in addition, students will learn appropriate positions and strategies for Flag Football.

These activities focus on the basic fundamentals needed to participate and understand the game of Flag Football.

Sport skill books and online resources.

*Due to building facilities, units may be taught at different times in different buildings, and as a result, assessment dates may change as well.

**In all activities: Student engagement should be built and sustained through teacher modeling, differentiation, and feedback. Various types of feedback can be given as whole class, small group, or individualized instruction.