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             Room 23 ~ Grade 2

   I know the children LOVE to go back-to-school supply

     shopping so here are some items they could use!


 Supplies will be provided by me, Mrs. Tuozzola

(crayon box, crayons, large eraser, scissors, school folders, notebooks, etc)

 These are suggested:

1     1-inch 3-ring binder - heavy/stiff cover with clear front pocket

50   plastic sheet protectors - PLEASE open them up, put them

       in the binder - make sure the opening is on top

       *(these two items are for your child’s grade 2 memory book, this will go home in June)


1    decorative 2 pocket folders

    .. this will be used as a homework folder)

1 pack of Markers thin and thick!

1 pack of color pencils

1   4-pack of EXPO thin dry eraser markers black works best!

6   sharpened pencils (NO MECHANICAL pencils allowed)

1   SMALL individual pencil sharpener for inside of desk

6   glue sticks

2   yellow highlighter

2 pens – any color for correcting (red, green, purple, blue – NOT BLACK)

1  pair of headphones or earbuds- for computers

1   SMALL flashlight with new batteries (kids love the flashlights

     that are on a head strap, it's easier to read with one on too –

     look in the camping section at Wal-Mart)

1   3-pack of 3X3 inch plain post-its (NOT yellow – used for reading activities)

1   Lunch Fun Activity Book (mazes, coloring books, word search, etc... this is to occupy your child after lunch (nothing to large and only send in 1 book ) due to space.



***PLEASE have all items opened and out of their package. Put in a bag . This saves lots of time on the 1st day. I have large pencil boxes they will place items in.


If for ANY reason you will not be able to provide these items for your child, please

send me a note or an email ASAP and I will make sure your child has what is needed. Thanks!


Other items we always need for the classroom throughout the school year:

baby wipes (to clean white wipe boards)         clorox wipes (to clean desks several times a week)

band-aids             hand sanitizer (with a pump)

Hand soap (in pump)     Expo Markers for Class- all colors


items for our proud award box- small toys , stickers, pencils, anything fun and small. (no food items)

extra fun recess equipment for our outside recess bin (toss & catch games, balls– NO bubbles)


When/if other extra items are needed for the classroom I will send home a note, email or put it in my monthly newsletter! Thanks! J